Czech Medical Tours

Czech Medical Tours is one of the first agencies on the Czech market to provide services of medical tourism. We provide services in various fields of medicine to a broad clientele with primary focus on foreign patients and foreigners residing in the Czech Republic.

Czech Medical Tours has its own health centre that offers services in the following fields:

  • practical medicine
  • nephrology
  • physiotherapy
  • paediatrics
  • immunology
  • ergotherapy
  • internal medicine
  • allergology
  • gynaecology
  • diabetology
  • neurology
  • orthopaedics
  • endocrinology
  • paediatric neurology
  • surgery
  • cardiology
  • rehabilitation and physical medicine
  • sonography
  • pulmonary medicine
  • stomatology

Our partners

The agency Czech Medical Tours cooperates with a number of sound partners.